Chinese Fabrics

Chinese Fabrics
Chinese Fabrics

Julie brought these fabrics back from China for me. She had an adventure trying to find quilting fabric. She told me the story of going to find them and being frustrated by not knowing the words for quilt, dots or cotton and not knowing how to describe them with sign language. Though it probably wasn’t funny at the time, she related how a tribe of very small tailors followed her around the shop while she tried to shop, apparently relating their skill in making garments as she looked around. Imagining this pantomime made me laugh.

She was a little unsure about the fiber content and wanted to make sure that I washed them. I will. It was so nice of her to bring them back.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Fabrics”

  1. I just washed mine today (in warm water in the sink since my washer here doesn’t have hot water), they’re hanging up on the balcony. No dye runoff. Wish I could run through a dryer though, you’ll have to tell me how much they shrink!

  2. Hubby tried to find fabric when he was in China too. It isn’t easy! He was unsuccessful. Yay Julie for finding such and lucky you for getting some super special fabrics!!!

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