I spent the day Sunday at the East Bay Heritage Quilters Biennial Show. Again it was held at Craneway Pavillion. This year there were a number of special exhibits including one featuring Rosie the Riveter in conjunction with the Rosie the Riveter Museum in Richmond.

Craneway Pavillion
Craneway Pavillion

The first time I saw this space was at the EBHQ Show in 2012. This space used to be a Ford Assembly plant – the largest on the West Coast. It is now part of the Rosie the Riveter/WWII National Historic Park and is a beautiful location. The views of the Bay are wonderful and today’s views were exceptional, because the sky was blue and there was no rain (a sad thing in itself, but good to enjoy the space). I was reminded how much I would love a quilt space with the windows in this venue.

I went by myself as TFQ was working in her garden and Friend Julie is back in China after three weeks at home. It was nice after the intense people day I had on Saturday. I was quickly over it and met up with Kelly and Angela there. We looked at vendors (saw Colleen) and their gorgeous fabric. I was also inspired to make the box or bucket on my To Do list when I saw a sample at a booth.

The quilts, of course, were great! The quilts in an EBHQ show have such a different look. Often there are classic patterns, but with a twist, or the fabric adds a twist. I was trying to describe the look of an EBHQ show, but I couldn’t. It is clear from the quilts that there is a lot of creativity in that group and the creativity of everyone spurs everyone else on to be creative. Wonderful.

Glad you Joined Our Patchwork Nation by Kate Murphy, EBHQ Show 2014
Glad you Joined Our Patchwork Nation by Kate Murphy, EBHQ Show 2014

I am always surprised at what catches my attention at these shows.

“Glad you Joined Our Patchwork Nation” by Kate Murphy caught my attention. It is definitely not my colors, but the ladder effect made me stop and take a longer look. There are some interesting fabrics, but I really liked the idea of using this block (1 large triangle, 2 small triangles and a square) to make donation quilts. I think the possibilities are what caught my attention. I can imagine one element (the square or the large triangle being constant, the small triangles being background and the other parts bright and cheerful. I like the simplicity of the unit and the possibilities for complexity when you make more. I also thought the border was interesting. Different.

Untitled by Angie Woolman
Untitled by Angie Woolman

This quilt by Angie Woolman (Untitled) is one of my favorites. I liked the variety of fabrics (some Marimekko, I think), the different sizes of the motifs and the way the quilting fit with the piecing.

My World by Anne Grundler
My World by Anne Grundler

Kelly made me post this one for her. The photo shows it to be a little darker. The quilting is really nice and makes me want to practice my free motion quilting.

I really had a nice time and am glad I made the effort to attend the show.




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  1. Thank you Jaye!! I do love the quilting on “My World” — it was a very inspiring quilt!

    I had a great time with you at the show. So glad we got to meet up!

    1. Yes, I had a fantastic time visiting with you and looking at quilts together. It’s always interesting to see what different quilters are drawn too, what we notice. I always love spending a day with other quilters looking at quilts. Thanks for hanging out with us!!!

  2. LOL I love the implication that it was the garden that kept me from going, rather than the thousands of miles between here and there! Tell me when it’s coming up next time, and I’ll try to visit that weekend! 🙂

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