Fabric of the Year 2014

FOTY 2014 - First Patches
FOTY 2014 – First Patches

This has never happened before. FOTY 2013 has not even had its chance on the design wall and I am already cutting for FOTY 2014. That is, apparently, the way it goes sometimes.

I like this group, though the greys are a bit of a downer, and think that many of the prints would be considered very modern.

The FOTY 2014 patches are cut 3″x5″. The reason for this size is that I have been trying to achieve a certain size of rectangle in a couple of projects (one was FOTY 2008) . I kept forgetting to factor in the seam allowance, so the rectangles, once sewn, were too small. They worked fine in the quilt, but the look was a little small for what I wanted.

This slightly larger size will also showcase more of the pattern on the fabric.

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5 thoughts on “Fabric of the Year 2014”

  1. Each year, I think what a great idea you have with your fabric of the year quilt. Can’t wait to see what 2013 will be and I am sure you’ll be adding more bright colors to your 2014 collection as the year progresses.

    1. 😉 I do have a lot of nice new colors. Washing, ironing and cutting has been an issue the past several months. I washed a pressed a lot of blues over the past couple of weeks and am looking forward to cutting out some pieces, especially for the FOTY 2014. Yes, lots of brights!

  2. It’s already April, but I haven’t started any new projects this year. Is that sad? Although I will have to check Kimberly Einmo’s class… Do you cut as you start the project, or after you finish it?

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