My Round Robin

Round Robin after 1st Round
Round Robin after 1st Round

I was able to see my round robin start on Saturday at the BAMQG meeting. It was fun to see it, though not much has been done.

Poor Kelly moved after we started the project. My RR got stuck in a box by accident when she had some problems with the move. My piece has only had one person work on it. While it is cheerful and the work done so far looks really good, when compared to the fabulous work another group did on their projects, my piece looked kind of sad.


The other group has done 6 rounds and mine has only gone through one round so the potential is definitely there. Also, we only have 4 people in our group. Looking at the piece in photos really makes me realize how bright and cheerful it is.

Round Robin potential for Round 2
Round Robin potential for Round 2

Kathleen is next on the list to work on my piece.  She and I pulled out my piece and talked about what to do on it. At the moment the piece is very vertical. We were thinking that it needed some more horizontal, so we explored some ways of making it more horizontal. One thought was to make the edge a little smaller. In the photo you can see that we folded the edges under so that we could see how the piece would look with squares of color on the edges instead of rectangles.

We also talked about connecting the liked colored edge squares (or rectangles) with lines of the same colors, possibly weaving more than one under the other. You can see that some of the various colors on the bottom right are also on the top left. I am a fan of that idea, but I am not working on it, so who knows.

Kathleen said she might draw something to try and work out a design. I was wondering if I could use EQ7 to import the picture and then draw around it to show what I meant. I don’t know if it will work, but can try it and see.

The other thing I was wondering was if I should see if there are other people who want to work on it – perhaps non BAMQG people? We’ll see what fabulosity Kelly and Kathleen conjure up. 😉

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3 thoughts on “My Round Robin”

  1. I think it’s interesting that you get to see your piece in progress. Every RR that I’ve participated in has been top secret, with the “owner” not seeing the quilt until all of the rounds are complete.

    1. That was a concern to me, too. I meant to write about it in the post, but forgot, I guess. I was concerned about whether I should see it or not. This was the first time I had seen it since last year.

  2. I agree with Jenny, as well as with you. I guess yours is a special round robin where you don’t only get to SEE your quilt, but talk about the next step, too. And your concern would’ve been mine too, specially if I worked with people who’s style I have no idea about… Some people just like to take risks and sometimes it pays off. I’m not one of those people 🙂

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