Current Projects – June 2014

Six quilts finished this year already! Not the same as last year, but respectable.

As I look at these lists, I can hardly believe that some of the projects, which I now think of as old, were not even on the first list I made. Crazy.

Finished 2014 Quilt Projects

  1. Disappearing Pinwheel: Finished May 30, 2014
  2. Fabric of the Year 2012: Finished 4/24/2014
  3. Fresh Fruit: Finished May 3/3/2014
  4. Infinity Quilt: Finished 3/3/2014
  5. Scrapitude: Finished 6/3/2014
  6. Spiderweb: Finished 2/22/2014 WHEW!

Finished 2014 non-Quilt Projects

Still WIPs

  1. Aqua-Red SamplerFrances and I are back at it regularly and I give Frances full credit as I have been letting her “drive the bus.” I did work on the hexagon tutorial as promised. It is ready to post, but I could have taken a few more photos and might still do that. If you look at it and think there are a paltry number of photos, check back.
  2. The Tarts Come to Tea: I still haven’t worked on this since April 2011, though, periodically, I think about working on it.
  3. Pointillist Palette #4: Fourth is a series of 6 quilts; needs tiny square patches sewn together. I still haven’t worked on this, though, I did find a bunch of squares already made. That makes me hopeful.
  4. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. I like the piece, but don’t know where to go from where I am. Mouth? Hair? The attitude I need to have is that I can’t ruin it; there is always more fabric. Possibility for abandonment.
  5. Under the Sea: class project; like the design, but not the colors much. Possibility for abandonment. I have to face reality.

Ready for Quilting

Wow! Everything on this list is new.

  1. New:* Wonky 9 Patch: needs quilting and binding. I got some batting from Kelly for this since I am thinking about quilting this myself. (Not on original list)
  2. New:* Super Secret Project #4: at the quilter

In the Finishing Process

  1. See: I have quilted about a third of it, so 2/3 needs to be quilted. Needs facing and sleeve
  2. Flower Sugar Hexagon / Attack of the Hexies – Sewing on binding.
  3. New:*Star Sampler: Quilting finished and binding machine sewed on the front. I have to go pick it up and sew the binding down by hand (not on original list)

In Process
I decided that I had better put in an ‘In Process’ category. The difference, at least in my mind, between ‘In Process’ and ‘UFO’ is that I am actively working on a project that is “In Process.”

Hunting and Gathering

  • Spin Wheel: really not started, but supplies gathered. I probably have enough fabrics and just need to decide to start.
  • Windmill quilt: Still hunting and gathering. I will use a grey for the background, because if I use more of the cut fabric patches, the pattern will be lost. The pieces are too oddly shaped and I don’t want to lose the pattern in a mass of scraps.
  • Stepping Stones #2 using Bonnie & Camille fabrics Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern: made two test blocks, but still in the thinking stage while I decide on the background colors. I want the contrast to be good.
  • Super Secret Project #3: working on color choices.
  • FOTY 2014: cutting out 3″x5″ rectangles.


Nothing so far for 2014

You can find the last update for the Current Projects list provides a good comparison to this month.

I thought you might want to take a look at the first list I made, the one with the 26 Projects. I started the list in October 2011. I have made REALLY GOOD progress. Up until last month, I was still planning to stop this post when I had no more projects from the original list to write about, but now, that the end is in sight, I am not so sure. It is so useful to keep track of all of my projects. Since I still have some pretty old projects on the list, I don’t have to decide right now.

*New – Project started after I started working on the 26 Projects list

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2 thoughts on “Current Projects – June 2014”

  1. I love that your tea quilt (cute by the way) is in process as you do “think” about it. I do a lot of thinking about.

    I also like how you separate your projects. I may have to do something similar so the ones in various stages don’t fall off the earth.

    1. I do have to rip out a small amount of quilting on the Tarts Come to Tea quilt. I keep saying I will do it after I get done binding X quilt, but then I get another quilt back from the quilter and have another to bind. I might be at the end, though, as most of the UFOs are finished and I just have a few hard ones left.

      I have to keep track of my projects this way otherwise I forget about them.

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