Black/Grey Donation Top – Serious Progress

Black/Grey Donation top
Black/Grey Donation top

I made serious progress on the blocks for this quilt last weekend. As I mentioned, I took photos Friday (a week ago). That really prepared me for knowing what I needed to do to make some progress.

Finding the blocks, which had gotten stuff under a pile of fabric, was a really good start.

I laid out all of the blocks and realized that though it is getting there, I still need more blocks. The layout is 6×5 right now, but I might need to make it skinner and longer. Mrs. K’s quilt is on my mind, though, and putting the blocks on point is skittering around on the edges of my brain.

6 more Black/Grey Donation blocks
6 more Black/Grey Donation blocks

As soon as I had an idea of where I was, I gathered up all the parts of blocks that were on my sewing table and sewed them together. That added another 6 blocks to the group of blocks above.

My blocks have a lot of fabric repeats, but I think when all the blocks are put together (like above), the duplicates don’t matter so much.

I also think that Jackie and Cheryl’s blocks blend in nicely.

I didn’t sew any new blocks as I tried to work on the Russian Rubix using parts for a new journal cover as the leaders and enders.

This project is fun again!

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