Field Day Zipper

Field Study Fabrics
Field Study Fabrics

For some reason I became enamored with the Field Day print fabrics by Alison Glass. These are not my colors, they are somewhat muddy and have a flair, or feel,  of the turn of the 20th Century. This ‘feel’ makes it so odd that I actually want to work with them. There is something about them that appeals to me.

My favorite print is the dark blue  with the turquoise kelp-like print on top.

Shortly after receiving the fabrics, I came across a pattern I will use with these fabrics. It came from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I found it in their Block! magazine (watch for a review soon). It isn’t a hard pattern, but there is something about it and the fabric that went together in my mind.

I washed the Field Day fabric last Friday, then started cutting 2.5″ strips on Saturday. I have about 10 strips cut. I need to cut them into 2.5″x5″ rectangles, but have only done that for one strip so far, because I still haven’t decided what to use as a background. Also, I still have about 10 FQs to cut strips from.

I thought about looking at the coordinating solids that various online shops suggest. I did that, but did not want to chose gold, chartreuse or deep garnety red-purple for the background. I want something lighter, brighter so the quilt doesn’t seem depressing.

I have the following background options:

IKEA large text print
IKEA large text print

I love this print, but think that the large letters will get lost.

Painter's Canvas in Vanilla
Painter’s Canvas in Vanilla

This is my favorite, because it brightens up the muddiness of some of the fabrics.

I also have a lot of grey.

Grey print from search
Grey print from search

I would probably have to use a few different greys as I only have a yard of this one and I think I will need more. I don’t mind using different greys as it will add interest.

The funny thing is that after I started cutting the Field Day, I came across a friend who I think needs a quilt and this one might be perfect.

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6 thoughts on “Field Day Zipper”

  1. It surprises me that you like this line so much! (I like it, too. Haven’t bought any yet, but like it!)

    As much as I love the Ikea text fabric, I think you’re right, the words would be lost. What other colors have you tried with it? Some other options: light blue, grassy green, brighter yellow. Try a vivid turquoise.

    Also, I like the pattern you’ve chosen. I may have to consider that for my Denyse Schmidt solids — use a print for the background, and (most of) the solid for the foreground….hmmmm.


    1. Hhmmm. Vivid turquoise might be awesome. The new Kona Jamaica? I am sure I have some turquoise that would work, though. I better look and try that out. Thanks for the idea.

      I am kind of shocked that I like the fabric as well. I guess my unconscious is expanding my horizons.

  2. I too was gonna suggest the gray background, although your gray on the monitor looks like a tone on tone white print. I was thinking a light gray. Like camel maybe? and I also like the white option. I agree that the text would be lost, maybe a smaller scale black and white instead?

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