Design Wall Monday

Design Wall -Friday
Design Wall -Friday

I decided to join in the Design Wall Monday posts that people write and discuss. Why not?

My design wall looks remarkably similar to the last time I posted about my design wall. I did note that I have made progress. Though we had some things to do this weekend,  I decided to make progress, thus the two photos – before and after. The Before photo was taken Saturday morning about 8:45 and I snapped (HA!) the After photo yesterday in the late afternoon.

I can’t discuss every little detail of everything on my design wall, but there are a few things. First, deciding to make progress meant that I had to actually clean up my sewing room. Horizontal surfaces were stacked with stuff, so I had to clean those off on Friday. That led to me taking photos of projects in process. I finally had a chance to lay things out.

Each of the areas are numbered, so you will see the numbers in parentheses below.

Second, (#3) those octagons are taking up a lot of space, so I decided I would start with the top row and sew all of the octagons in each of those colors until I had sewn the triangles on to each color. Once the stack on my sewing table had been sewn, I would take the octagon off the design wall and sew that. As I took them off, I would have more space on the wall.

Third, (#1) the FOTY 2014 patches had been up there a long time. I have a big pile of fabric to press, so I pressed some of that on Friday in order to fill in the group of patches,

Next, (#4) those Russian Rubix blocks had been on the all for a long time. There were pieces and parts of others on my sewing table, so those were sewn pretty early.

Fifth, (#5) I had pieces and parts of the black/grey donation blocks so I sewed those together as well.

Sixth, (#6) That Stars in Stripes 8 pointed star got very close to being made. I have to unearth the templates or rotary cutting directions for the background, so close, but no cigar.

Seventh, (#2) I am still making those turquoise and red four patches. I have a lot more patches than four patches at the moment and need to get busy. Too many other leaders and enders right at the moments.

Eighth, (#7) I made the 9 patch, but the Young Man sewed the button to the middle in Cub Scouts. I am still trying to think of a project in which to include it.

Last, (#8) those are some of my favorite ATCs. I keep them near my sewing machine so I can be reminded to be creative.

Design Wall - Sunday
Design Wall – Sunday

After sewing, truly, like a maniac, on and off all weekend I did make some progress.

The four patches didn’t change except that I thought about sewing them.

I took the late July/ early August batch of FOTY patches off the wall and started pressing and cutting a new batch. The ones you see on the wall happen to be Field Day.

I finished a few of the Russian Rubix colors from the top row. The last purple/violet (on the wall on the right) is a bear to get through. I cut extra octagons, so I am sewing for a long time to get through them. Clearly I was afraid someone would steal that fabric in that colorway and I wanted to have plenty. In between I have been sewing other colors as well, so there is some variety in the new blocks.

Since I had so many new quarter blocks for the Russian Rubix, I started laying out new blocks.

That 8 pointed star is still there, as you can see. It is, really, getting closer to the top of the list.

What do you think about my progress?

What’s on your design wall?

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4 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. Hi Jaye,
    your design wall post is a real inspiration. Love the colors and shapes you are working with, yes I’ve heard of these Monday posts but never checked them out. But it’s good to finally see how someone uses their design board, as I don’t have one yet. Usually use a sheet on the floor, which is not practical at all. So you’ve given me the necessary kick in the but to finally get me to make one. Hey got any more design series podcasts come up with Sandy?

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, we are trying to coordinate the next design series podcast. Soon!

      You definitely need a design wall. I can’t tell you how much they help.

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