Soon-to-be Journal Cover

Blue Flower Journal Cover
Blue Flower Journal Cover

Shockingly, I am almost done with another journal. I ordered a new one so I will be ready and it took forever to arrive. I have been waiting to finish this journal cover so I could measure using the actual journal. It isn’t like I don’t have 30 around, but most have covers on them and I was being lazy with the knowledge that a new journal was imminent.

This mosaic quilting piece came together so easily that I almost didn’t realize I was finished with the top. That is what leaders and enders will do for you.

I thought I would finish it this past weekend, but I worked on the Russian Rubix instead and also put the black and grey donation pieces through the machine.

Like the Pink Rose Journal cover, I made an effort to piece smaller pieces. It is so much more interesting when there is more piecing. I still have to back it (have a piece of fabric already picked) and add the interfacing then I should be ready to use it. Stay tuned!

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Soon-to-be Journal Cover”

  1. I need to get back to doing the creative prompts. Then I can finish filling my journals. THEN I can make covers for them too. πŸ™‚
    I like how your pink one turned out. This blue one looks like it’s going to be a winner too!

  2. I might. After this weekend I hope to be back in sewing mode. LOTS happening here that is taking me away from creative stuff till next week. Nothing bad though. πŸ™‚ But yes, I might be able to cover some before they are filled.
    Truth be told, I have at least three that I use. All partially filled. Somewhere I have more, waiting for me to use them! lol

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