Field Day Zipper

Field Day Zipper
Field Day Zipper

I haven’t fully committed to this quilt by not really sewing on it very regulary. Part of my ambivalence was that I hadn’t looked at it on the design wall, because I wasn’t really able to find a spare spot on the design wall for it. The other thing I have to admit to is not liking the colors very much. I don’t hate them and they look much better all together than one at a time. I have to admit that I succumbed to a whim and the result was some fabrics whose colors I don’t like much. I am not saying I don’t plan on NOT committing; I just haven’t done it yet.

As part of the process, I put it up on the design wall once I took the Russian Rubix off . I had a nice blank space to put something on, so I split it between the Zipper and the Teenaged Boy Black & Grey Donation Quilt. I had some space leftover so I put up the Zipper to see what I had.Clearly this piece needs some room to breath, so I will do it as a kind of Chinese Coins layout and make sure I put something in between. Perhaps the Goldenrod (gold/sunshiney yellow) I bought with the Sangria.

The other thing that worries me is that I sewed a bunch of pieces and now I don’t know where they are. They could be included in the pieces I have in the photo, but it seems like so much more I’ll have to look around.

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One thought on “Field Day Zipper”

  1. THE color you are calling sangria looks like that new color MARSALA could be my monitor but I have been seeing that color family a lot lately. If I could not see the bundle of FQ I was given I would say you have my fabrics.

    I have some flannel / plaids / masculine prints ( all in an almost identical colorway ) I was given a mixture of fat quarters and am trying to decide what to put with them in order to have enough make a throw for a friend. Would you put those colors with black? The other color I am thinking of is a brown that looks really good with the gold fabrics. The brown looks okay with the Sangria / Marsala colors but are not wonderful. I have not cut into the fabrics yet.

    I find it hard to work on quilts that I do not LOVE the fabrics. I know they take me out of my comfort zone… but I like my comfort zone.



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