Finished: Green T Quilt

Green T Donation Quilt
Green T Donation Quilt

I don’t really know if I should count this as a finished project as:

  1. It is a ‘doing good’ quilt
  2. I pieced some and bound it. Gerre did the quilting and Peggy did the choosing of fabrics and the cutting

I suppose that #2 is kind of irrelevant since I don’t quilt my own quilts anyway.

I don’t know. Somehow I just don’t feel like I did much on this quilt.

I really want to work with Gerre again. I think we made a good team. I am tempted to cut up some fabrics to make another T quilt, but I need to finish the Teenaged Boy Black & Grey Donation Quilt. I do think I would like this quilt better if the greens weren’t so dull. Still someone will love it.

Still, it is done and someone will enjoy it. I hope.

Pam, over at Hip to be a Square, was saying on a recent podcast, that we aren’t supposed to call donation quilts or charity programs ‘charity’ anymore. It is too offensive to those who are financially challenged. I suppose I can understand that, but I hope the quilts the guild makes are still appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Finished: Green T Quilt”

  1. Give yourself a 1/2, then count the next one as a 1/2, etc. Should definitely be on your yearly “I’ve Accomplished This” List.
    As far as the not using the term ‘charity’, that’s a new one to me, I’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out more, which episode was it? I’d imagine the recipients of the quilts accept them for the loving gifts that they are, no matter what the heck they’re called.

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