Field Day Progress

I am not liking the name Field Day Zipper. It is too long and unwieldy. Anyway, I made progress on this piece at the fabulous retreat.

Field Day- May 2015
Field Day- May 2015

All of the pieces are cut and all of the sections are sewn to the background. As well, sections are sewn to each other, so there is no more than two sections are alone. I worked hard at getting the piece put together, but couldn’t quite do it. Still, I am pleased with how much progress I have made and see the end in sight.

The fabrics, as you may recall, are all from one line. As you also may recall, I usually advise people to to remove about 20% of the line and replace it with other fabrics not from that line. One issue that I had is that I did not add or remove any fabrics from the piece. It really shows. I had to be careful about where I placed fabrics so as not to create big blobs of color or pattern. It isn’t easy to remove certain fabrics and add others, but this is a lesson to me to take my own advice.


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6 thoughts on “Field Day Progress”

  1. Removing 20% from a line and replacing it with something else is an interesting concept. When I think about the quilts I have made, the ones where I introduced something else are much more interesting (in my opinion). It’s not something I deliberately set out to do, but added in because it was missing something. This will make me think with more intention in the future.

    1. I often try to do this as it makes the quilts my own and more interesting. It is difficult and takes time, which I didn’t spend on this project.

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