Pillowcase Progress

September College Pillowcase
September College Pillowcase

After returning from Philadelphia, I got back into the groove by cutting some pieces for pillowcases. I made three. The first is a college pillowcase. I used Minkee, which I told you I was going to try.

The Young Man is quite kinesthetic and I think having something soft will be good for stress.

I have never used Minkee before and this was a challenge. First of all, I only had a small piece of flannel so I had to cram the Minkee pillowcase body into it before sewing. I use the burrito method I have discussed a number of times. The quilt shop had a guide for using Minkee, which said I should use a 1/2″ seam allowance and a walking foot. I pinned the flannel really well to the Minkee and that worked to keep the Minkee stable while I sewed. It was difficult to cut straight initially so after sewing, I trimmed the body straight again. I hope I didn’t trim to much, but we will see.

Again, I pinned the body of the pillowcase really well and sewed. Then I used a knit stitch to do the French Seam to finish the case.

This isn’t an instant success guarantee. We’ll have to see if the case is too small and if the bumps on the Minkee bug his face when he sleeps. Still, I am pleased. I have a September pillowcase and something for the care package. I also got some experience with Minkee.


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