Meet Henry IV

Henry IV - wings closed
Henry IV – wings closed

Meet Henry IV.

Yes, I have made another softie owl and also called him Henry. It could be confusing, but think of those Tudor Kings. There were bunches of them. Wait until I make a Henry VIII. I’ll have to put something on him to reference the old king.

There is something about these owls that makes me think of them as Henry. There is also something about these owls that I really like.

Henry IV - wings open
Henry IV – wings open

I had worked on the mosaic pieced brown for awhile and finally had a large enough piece to make another softie. On my Playday (what I am now calling the day I sewed the Carpenter’s Wheel) I also worked on Henry IV. It was just a whim and it panned out.

I am not done putting blue on the inside of the wings. Not sure why I like that so much, but it seems right.

Henry IV's backside
Henry IV’s backside

This time I had real problems following the directions. I am not sure why, but my Henry is together and sits up very well. I stuffed him with schnibbles again except for the weight that keeps him up.

This will also go to a friend after I am finished having him decorate my sewing table.

Henry IV in his homeland
Henry IV in his homeland

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Hhhmmm – no Henry 3. I guess I’ll have to make one later. Oooops! I should have checked before I named Henry IV. Oh well.

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