Tissue Covers

Tissue Covers
Tissue Covers

Since BIL died back in June, a number of us (SIL, Nephew #12, YM, DH) go over to MIL’s and have dinner on Wednesdays when we are available. We use it as a time to catch up. We are also trying to keep Wednesdays (when BIL would go over and have drinks with his mom) from being too sad.

The other Wednesday SIL told us that she was, once again, in charge of the Secret Santa Shop at her son’s school. This is an event to raise money for the school, but also to provide an opportunity for the kids to buy nice gifts that aren’t too expensive.

The first year she did it, they contracted with a company to provide the gifts and she, as well as other parents, proclaimed them to be junk. Some broke as the helpers were bringing them to the wrapping table. Also, the prices were already on the high side so the PTA couldn’t mark the prices up and still keep the gifts affordable for kids, thus they were not able to make much money.

Last year, they scoured shops and websites for nicer gifts that were of good quality. She said that it was a lot more work, but it paid off in that they also made over $3000!

Tissue Cover Backs
Tissue Cover Backs

Upon hearing this, I thought of the gift ideas list I made last year (?) and, more specifically, of the tissue covers that Valerie inspired me to make. I went home and started cutting fabric. I finished 9 the next day and sent them off.

I might make some more, but we will see. It might be good to see if they sell and then make more next year. On the other hand, it might be good to make a bunch so at least one person from each grade can buy one. We’ll see what SIL says.

I am going to try and think about other gifts that might work. The problem is that I am used to making bags, cushions or gifts that quiltmakers like. The people at the school are not quiltmakers and the gifts have to be small, so I need to think a little harder.


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  1. Tissue holders are great. You could also make simple gift card size wallets, tea wallets, mug rugs, coin purses, simple zip bags…in your free time of course.

  2. Are luggage tags on that list? Right now I could use a couple of them, and would rather buy than make them. Other people might feel the same way.

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