Trip to New Pieces

Russian Rubix Completed (front)
Russian Rubix Completed (front)

The Russian Rubix was accepted into the New Quilts of Northern California. I had to drop off it off this week and took the time to make the drive to New Pieces yesterday. I could have sent it, but decided that if I went sometime late morning – mid-afternoon I could miss most of the traffic and it would be less hassle than cramming it into a box and sending it.

I did my normal morning routine and then headed out.

I don’t go over there that often. The bridge is such a barrier, for some reason. I didn’t grow up with bridges and when I was in college I thought nothing of crossing the bridge every weekend for some adventure. I brought a sandwich just to be on the safe side. 😉

I was pleased to go to New Pieces again. It has been while and, after I had been there for a few minutes, turning in the quilt, I took some time to look around the store.  I was really impressed with the selection of fabrics. They had so much fabric – more fabric than I have seen in a shop since I went to QuiltWorks Northwest several years ago. I distinctly remember practically tripping over bolts as we walked around at that shop. It wasn’t quite that bad at New Pieces, but there was a lot of fabric. There was fabric that I had never seen before, which I LOVE! They have lots of Asian fabric, which is not my favorite, but it was more than I had ever seen before.

I was trying to be strict with myself about fabric purchases since the ‘fabric cup’ in my workroom runneth over. I did find a couple of fabrics – one I never expected to find and the same motif in a different colorway – that needed to come home with me. I also found a grey and a fabric for a gift.

Some bits and bobs from New Pieces
Some bits and bobs from New Pieces

The shop is large and they had a good selection of notions, rulers (Creative Grids), books and thread. It was great.

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