Sewing a Gazillion Squares

Carpenter's Wheel - Section 1 & 2 sewn together
Carpenter’s Wheel – Section 1 & 2 sewn together

I had such a nice weekend. I was able to, essentially, spend two days sewing after really missing it during all of my #politicalwifery over the past few weeks. As I mentioned, I had to cut a lot. I just didn’t have enough variety of text squares to make much progress on the Carpenter’s Wheel. I see to sew this piece in fits and starts.

After sewing the cut squares together into 4 patches, I began to assemble the blocks. It takes 64-2.5′ squares to make a block. As you have seen in other posts, I do put a larger square in to the blocks to add interest, so I don’t always have to sew 64 squares together. Still 60 squares or 56 squares, because I usually don’t sew more than 2 large squares into one block, is a lot.

Carpenter's Wheel -almost last row, section 2
Carpenter’s Wheel -almost last row, section 2
Carpenter's Wheel -almost last row, section 3 - in process
Carpenter’s Wheel -almost last row, section 3 – in process

The section above will fit on to the bottom of the two sections I already sewed together, shown above.

I was able to finish one whole section and make a good start on the last section, shown right. I really enjoy making progress on this quilt. I only have about 10 seams to have these four blocks sewn together. I do need to make two more text blocks (like the lower right) in order to finish the section.

Definitely progress.

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5 thoughts on “Sewing a Gazillion Squares”

  1. So challenging and so dramatic but yet demure. Love the multi neutral background. You must be super precise on your sewing seams? Mine would be wonky. I an applique up a storm but piecing is still hit and miss after all these years. lol
    Looking forward to see this progress!

    1. I don’t believe yours would be wonky! I just nest the seams and they turn out ok. I can only machine applique’. My needle-turn (yes, I did learn!) is terrible. We all have our strengths.

  2. This is going to be a wonderful quilt. That background will be so worth all that sewing. Working with a neutral palette, trying to make sure it all blends with no ‘look at me’ fabrics, takes skill and patience. Well done!

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