Christmas Mette Ring

Christmas Mette Ring
Christmas Mette Ring

After I worked on the pink and purple Mette Ring, I realized that I had some others I hadn’t showed you.

This shows a Mette Ring I made several weeks ago. I was thinking of DH’s cousin who doesn’t want us to make her fudge as a gift anymore. Who doesn’t like fudge? She is concerned about her weight and her SO’s diabetes, so I suppose I can understand. Still, why not just give it away rather than go on and on about it.

This pack of paper I have has a weird assortment of colors and the Mette Ring takes 18 sheets, so there is a wide variety of ‘reds’ and greens.I think it looks nice, though that fuchsia does stick out a bit.

If I remember, I will give this to the cousin instead of fudge. If I am very diligent, I will make 10 of these then I won’t have to make fudge.  😉

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