Pink and Purple Mette Ring

Pink & Purple Mette Ring
Pink & Purple Mette Ring

Monday was a really long day. Mondays have turned out to be kind of crazy days at work. I try not to schedule meetings or anything extra so I can just plow through what comes in. Do you think people think about work all weekend? I never think about work – at least not in a concrete way unless something is really bothering me.

Anyway, I wasn’t up for finding some great project for Virtual Craft Night or even working on one of the handwork projects I have going. I pulled out paper, found the tutorial for the Mette Ring and folded some paper. I was thinking about my childhood bedroom, which was pink and lavender, when I chose the paper. I didn’t have enough pink and purple, so I threw in some blue. This is the fourth Mette Ring/Mette Wreath I have made.


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