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Lemon Tumeric Tea Cake
Lemon Tumeric Tea Cake

Some food items are hard to get. This is has made me more aware of what is in my fridge and not letting it go to waste. I had some lemons in my fridge and decided to make Lemon Tumeric Tea Cake**. I had been thinking about it for awhile and on Sunday, I finally did it.

I last made this at Christmas for my work colleagues. The batch was really small and I didn’t get a loaf to try. My boss has been asking about it, so I decided to make some for my work colleagues again. This time I doubled the batch and added a bit more tumeric, so I got to try it. It is delicious and I am thrilled. I also had enough to make a loaf for my mom. The three loaves we are not keeping are going in the mail this week.



**N.B.: If you don’t have a subscription to the NYT, check your local public library or your library at work.

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    1. Yes, I use a very good flour from Tom Sawyer that has a 1:1 exchange with wheat flour. This recipe worked like a charm. Some recipes require a little xantham gum but not this one. I don’t bake anything that isn’t GF. We don’t even keep non-GF flour in the house. MY DH has some packaged food (bread, cereal, cookies) that are non-GF. Otherwise, everything is GF.

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