Chrysanthemum Cotton Candy Pouch

Chrysanthemum Cotton Candy Pouch
Chrysanthemum Cotton Candy Pouch

I finished another Cotton Candy Pouch over the weekend. As mentioned in a previous post, this pattern is from the Minikins Seasons 1 & 2 (no affiliation) by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.

Chrysanthemum Cotton Candy Pouch - inside
Chrysanthemum Cotton Candy Pouch – inside

I made an effort to fussy cut fabric this time so my pouch  highlighted some great fabric. Sara does this in her pouches and I really like the look. I cut the side panels out of the Philip Jacobs fabric, which was not correct – I keep thinking those side pieces are the main fabrics. I decided to use them on the inside, reversing the way I put in the fabric.

I had some trouble with the zippers, but in the end the video about veering the zipper off the project and the project video finally got the thole technique into my head. I want to cement it. I think I might make another pouch with some of the Echinacea fabric I got from the last Modern Quilter’s Box.

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    1. Thanks! The examples that Sara Lawson shows have the fussy cutting. I didn’t do it on the first one I made, but they look a lot better with different fabrics.

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