New Design Wall Installation

The felt finally arrived.

DH installing design wall
DH installing design wall

DH went out and got a piece of wood and we were able to install my new design wall.

First, I made a sleeve.

Next, we slipped the wood through the sleeve and, then, screwed the wood into the wall.

The photo, above, shows my workroom in a big jumble because I had to move everything out of the way to get the design wall up.

I had hoped that 72 inches would be wider, but 72 inches is just 72 inches. It might be better that it isn’t wider, because I would just make larger quilts, I think.

Making the sleeve
Making the sleeve

Making the sleeve was a challenge as felt stretches more than regular quilting cotton fabrics.

It isn’t quite done yet. I am waiting to see if I want to put another sleeve on the bottom before I cut off the bottom. I will have to cut part of the bottom off to make space for the heating vent.

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