Spectrum of Colors

Spectrum of Colors Arranged by Chance is a 1951-53 painting (oil on wood) by Ellsworth Kelly. I saw it at the SFMoMA when Julie, DH and I visited a few years ago. I have been wanting to use the idea in a quilt for awhile.

FOTY 2018 Begins
FOTY 2018 Begins

Last week, I started on FOTY 2018, which will be my piece inspired by Kelly’s work.

I have to say that putting the pieces on the wall has been a joy. I feel much closer to it with my new design wall. I also really like the white interspersed with the color. It is making me think of doing one with white squares as well as the slate grey I have planned for 2019.

I am also apprehensive about adding the black. We will see, though.

I am also really excited that I am working on a true UFO!!

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2 thoughts on “Spectrum of Colors”

  1. Thanks for the reminder of that fun trip to the museum, someday….we’l be able to go again. I love how this is looking so far. Are you going to use a black solid or black on black prints for this one? I think doing this one with black, another with white and a third with grey would make a really awesome series. And hooray for using your new design wall!

  2. I had an odd thought about the neutral being white or gray or black…what about all three? Could you do a second gradient with those three, using the white with the darker colors and moving through to the black with the brighter/lighter colors? I realize the gray would be tricky in spots but it would be a different look. Just saying. 🙂

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