Sew Together Bag Progress

Gift Sew Together Bag Linings
Gift Sew Together Bag Linings

After a good day of gift sewing on Saturday, I got back to the Sew Together Bags, finally.

As you know, I am making three. I spoke with Gerre on the phone on Saturday.While we talked I was able to get the pincushions stuffed and stitched to one of the panels. It is a good quiet task and I hadn’t spent the time to do it before Saturday.

Once Gerre and I finished getting caught up, I set to work sewing the lining together. As you know the lining is made up of the 4 pieces you see in the photo plus 6 pocket linings as well, which are on the bottom.

I did have to resort to the Quilt Barn Sew-a-long tutorials, which were really helpful. I saved them as PDFs and was able to make some annotations that are helpful.

Embroidery Sew Together Bag Open
Embroidery Sew Together Bag Open

Seeing the way the all white linings look, I think I will add some color next time. I like the red-violet inside of my embroidery Sew Together Bag.

I was also able to make some progress on the third lining. I didn’t quite finish, however.

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2 thoughts on “Sew Together Bag Progress”

  1. This one is really coming together, I like those lining fabrics. I’d guess they’ll work well as linings in a bag, as long as you’re not putting white things in there. That’s smart to annotate on the pdfs for yourself.

    1. It is hard to decide whether all white, some white or light colors are best. For other types of bags, as I am sure I have mentioned, I like a light lining so I can find my stuff. This just seems like too much white as shown above. I think it will be better once the sides are attached. They do look nice and bright.

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