More 16 Patches

I finished all of the 16 patches I need for the 30 Something* quilt.

16 Patches n.1
16 Patches n.1


16 Patches n.2
16 Patches n.2

This isn’t all 42 of the 16 Patches – just a sample, but I am pleased with the way they came out. The next step is to make a bunch (30??) Churn Dash blocks. I am working my way through the various units that make up that block.

I have tons of the various patches leftover. I cut way too many, but will be using them for something, possibly donation blocks.

I haven’t decided if I am working on this as my main project or if it is still a leaders and enders project.




*I’d really like to link to this quilt so you could make it as well, but it doesn’t show up on the AllPeopleQuilt site. 🙁

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