X Quilt Top and Back

X Quilt Top Finished
X Quilt Top Finished

I finished the X Quilt top and back  and took it to Colleen last week.

I am pretty pleased with the way this came out, though I think I would like to try the pattern with different fabrics. The Pop Parade fabrics are not clear enough. Also, I think I needed to choose fabrics with larger designs. While the viewer gets a surprise when coming close too the quilt, I think the large size of some of the pieces would have more impact if the motifs were large or had more contrast. 

X Quilt Back
X Quilt Back

I do like the different sizes of the Xes. I think that is really good design.

The size of the Xes really used a lot of fabric, too. The quilt and back took 10 yards. If I need to make progress on fabric usage, this is the quilt I will make.

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2 thoughts on “X Quilt Top and Back”

  1. I really like this X quilt design, it’s interesting to have all the different sizes of X’s. I see what you mean about the fabric not being clear enough, that’s a very good illustration of that idea, might be good to use in as an example in your quilting class.

    1. Good idea! My students in this round saw it on my design wall, so we talked about it. In general, it is a good illustration of slightly murky prints, though not a murky as some Civil War fabrics.

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