Masks Again

May 2021 Face Masks
May 2021 Face Masks

I had to get back to mask making. 🙁 Masks, it seems, get a little worn. I find that I wear the same mask over and other. It fits the best, stays on the best and is breathable. However, it is getting a little frayed around the edges.

For the first time in over a year, we are heading out on a trip. Grand Parlor is next week and we will attend. I don’t want to go without sufficient masks. Since I have been having issues with my skin, I don’t want to buy the paper masks in case they add to my problems. Also, I want us to have enough masks so we have fresh ones to wear every day.

May 2021 Face Masks
May 2021 Face Masks

I had about 7 that were either cut out or half made. I finished all of those. Some needed ripping out, but I just made them work. The time it takes to make a new mask doesn’t make ripping out really worth it.

I also made two dark ones for for the ‘Banquet’, so we look black tie-ish.

I plan to make more of the masks I know how to make even if people don’t think we need to wear masks anymore. I have enjoyed not getting the ‘flu and not getting a cold, and, of course, not getting COVID-19.

Judy Coates Perez masks in process
Judy Coates Perez masks in process

I started the Judy Coates Perez masks, but didn’t get very far. Cutting them out was exhausting and, since I had a larger number than I originally ordered from Spoonflower, there were a lot of them.

I haven’t made this pattern. While It looks straightforward, it also doesn’t seem very difficult. I didn’t want to get stuck on trying a new pattern when I needed to get several masks done. I will make these, but I’ll start fiddling with them after I have enough masks for our trip.

There are some links from a previous post that I am reposting here.

    • Improved Summer Mask tutorial (video) by Keiko Olsson
    • Judy Coates Perez mask tutorial based on the Improved summer mask tutorial by Keiko Olsson. Judy also has some wonderful fabrics in her new Spoonflower shop that make fun masks.


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