Andalusian Pouch Start

Anna Maria Horner Bossy Poppy
Anna Maria Horner Bossy Poppy

Some weeks ago, I cut a few pieces of the Andalusian Pouch out of a fat quarter of Anna Maria Horner’s Meadow Bossy Poppy. I got the fabric from one of the Quilty boxes.

I was cutting something else out and decided just to use up the fabric. Of course, that was a boondoggle as I didn’t have quite enough to finish cutting out the exterior of the pouch so I ended up buying more.

Andalusian Pouch start
Andalusian Pouch start

Over the weekend, I decided to make that pouch for a friend and I got to work finishing the cutting. If I hadn’t had to cut all of the pieces out, I would have finished the whole pouch. As it was I was just able to get a solid start.

I was able to get the pouch’s four sides sewn together as well as the side zipper installed.

I had some trouble with keeping the zipper in place and really should have used some washaway tape**. I was just lazy.

Andalusian Pouch with side accents
Andalusian Pouch with side accents

This pouch, one of Minikins Season 3, has some trim on it, which I think would be better in cork or leather or something heavier. As it happens, I didn’t think to use the faux alligator I used on Mom’s UCAB, so I just used some of the True Colors I received the other day. I think it looks good, but I wouldn’t add the side accents again If I have carefully fussy cut some great fabrics, because the motifs get covered up.

I hope I don’t jinx myself, but this is going together really well and I would consider making it again.









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