Finished: 2-in-1 Case #2

2-in-1 Case #2- closed
2-in-1 Case #2- closed

I finished the second 2-in-1 Case pretty quickly and this one looks good enough to give as a door prize. The first one was a good learning experience.

Yes, I am using a lot of that coneflower fabric lately. I like it despite the brown in the print. I am not sure what is so appealing about it to me.

This time, you can see that I was much more careful and attentive to the closure. I thought about using one with a pointy tip, but decided against it in the end. There is a pattern for a project with the pointy tip closure in the book**, but I thought I would try it a different time. I was on a bit of a deadline and didn’t want to mix up the process until I had gotten it right.

2-in-1 Case #2 interior
2-in-1 Case #2 interior

I used the same interior fabric, as mentioned. I thought it looked nice and it was on my cutting table, so why not?

I used longer zippers this time, as I said I would. I know I said I might use even longer zipper next time. I don’t think the project needs the zipper stop. also, I like to being able to get the zipper head as close as possible to the binding. I think it looks better.

As before, I used some foam to give it a little more heft. I wonder if that makes the pouch less useful? I wonder if the recipient can put in fewer items, because the pouch has more structure?

2-in-1 Case #2 exterior
2-in-1 Case #2 exterior

I am pleased with the binding. I think less contrast looks better.

So, another project finished and this one has been sent off to Carrie for the door prize assembly for the guild.

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