Finished La Pass Month 18

La Pass M18 in process
La Pass M18 in process

Lindsay was kind enough to give me a scrap of fabric so I could finish Month 18 without having to buy more fabric.

I inserted that skinny diamond and the two pentagons into the empty space you saw in the post last week. That is one thing I love about EPP! You don’t always have to put the pieces together in order.

La Passacaglia Month 18 - finished
La Passacaglia Month 18 – finished

The finished rosette is a partial rosette.I have enough fabrics to finish the blue and peony ring. I think the woven design would look good finished.

I am still mulling over the edging of this quilt. One of the options is to finish all the rosettes so the edge is more round. I really don’t want to cut off the edges of the piecing I have done, but may end up doing that.

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