La Passacaglia Month 18

La Pass M18 in process
La Pass M18 in process

All the quilts I received back from Colleen have slowed me down on La Pass. I am continuing to work on Month 18 and am almost finished with it.

I really wanted to do the weaving motif (?) and I forgot I wanted to do that until I had finished cutting all the fabric. Month 18 was my last chance, so I went for broke. I wish Pink Door had done different layouts like the spikes (in M16).

La Pass M18 in process
La Pass M18 in process

I also kept changing fabrics, so I had to sew as much as I could, then go back and cut and baste more fabrics, then sew again. I also cut a few things wrong.

Anyway, I am progressing.

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  1. Such a labor of love? Or punishment? lol Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. I will never do a PP quilt again and admire your stick-to-it-tivness. (is that even a real word?) haha I know this one will be spectacular when it’s done. Heck, it’s already spectacular!

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