Surprise! I Spy Again

I Spy with Pink Batik - empty
I Spy with Pink Batik – empty

I quickly cut more pieces for another I Spy and finished it over the weekend. I think I have a sewing routine for this pattern down pat now.

One of the reasons I made this one is that I liked a piece of fabric I pulled for the Pink Strip donation quilt back. I decided to use it for the lining, which shows up nicely through the window. It is a good way to be able to see a fabric I enjoy.

I Spy with Pink Batik
I Spy with Pink Batik

This one will replace the one I gave as a gift. It will hold the Friesan Pouch acrylic templates. I’ll save the Grey Cross I Spy for something else. I kind of like having all of my acrylic templates in pouches that match.

I was pleased to see that I lined up the top strips around the zipper very well.

I Spy with Pink Batik back
I Spy with Pink Batik back

I just love making these pouches, as I have said a million times.

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