Finished Small Hackney

Paint Tube Hackney
Paint Tube Hackney

I finished this bag back in June. I couldn’t show it until today, because I intended it to be a birthday gift for Mom. She sometimes reads my blog, so I had to keep it a secret.

This was problematic as back in June, I was struggling to keep up with posting. Work was really busy and I was struggling to sew, which meant I didn’t have a lot to post. I should have finished another bag for someone who doesn’t read the blog, but wanted to try finishing one of the bags I cut out with the Cricut.

Paint Tube Hackney - open/exterior
Paint Tube Hackney – open/exterior

Regardless, I finished this bag. I was concerned at first, because it was the small sized version of this bag and I thought it would be harder to sew. It was a little tight in places, but I was able to easily finish it.

I had to recalculate the handle size and position. I was a little off, but it will work.

Paint Tube Hackney - open/interior
Paint Tube Hackney – open/interior

I think the back panel is a great opportunity for fussy cutting, so I took some of the Laurel Burch fabric I bought for mom and cut out some of the cats. I think it looks cute.

I also made a tool holder in the top instead of the mesh pocket. I didn’t want to fuss with that tiny space and I think the tool holder / elastic bands will be more useful for Mom.


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