Red Improv Donation Quilt Finished

Red Improv donation quilt finished
Red Improv donation quilt finished

Also thanks to Erin, the Red Improv donation quilt is done. This one is also more than 4 years old.

Along with the Orange Improv version from the other day, seeing this quilt finished reminds me of how great this process is. It makes me want to make more

The other color versions that I have made over time are really awesome as well and add to the idea of making more.

Right now my black, grey and brown drawer is overflowing. I have made a few black strip blocks, the first step in my process, but not enough to clear out my drawer. I talked about it with guild members the other day about cheerful quilts. Black is not always a cheerful quilt color like pink or orange. Someone suggested doing a two color version. I don’t think I am ready to branch out from the monochromatic parameters of the project so far.

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  1. This one is really great! I love this series so much that you’ve got going. Here’s a suggestion for your black quilt question. Maybe do a black and white version instead of just a black one. That could be very graphic and cool. Then someone can quilt it with a colorful variegated thread.

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