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Last week I was tootling around the web on my lunch hour and went from Margi’s blog to Pat Sloan’s blog/website/bonanza.

I first went to her blog and liked the little designs she has up to illustrate her posts. They remind me of Mary Engelbreit’s artwork. As I wandered around I was simply amazed at all the info and links she has on her various media. I was interested in the webcam on her design wall. It would be interesting to see in action, e.g. if she were working on a quilt. I also liked the cheery way she writes.

There is a shop, free patterns, blog, Good Book Cafe, Amazon search button, website, webcam, podcast and much more. Take a look.

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4 thoughts on “Pat Sloan Website/Blog/Podcast etc”

  1. I recently bought her book on color (had a 40% off coupon at JoAnn’s, hee hee!) and I really enjoyed it. Unlike many other books about color, she forgoes all the talk about color theory/color wheels and just dives right into practical steps for people who struggle with color. She has the same quilt design done in multiple colorways which really helps illustrate the impact of color choices on the overall feel of a quilt. There were a number of typo-type errors in the book, which did bug me, but overall, I was happy with it.

  2. Jeanne,
    This is good to know! How do you think it compares to the Kerr/Ringle book??

    Your description makes it sound interesting. I will see if they have it at the library.

    We talked about her at the retreat and Terri (I think) said that she self publishes. She should still edit…

  3. I wouldn’t compare the books at all. The Kerr/Ringle book is very grounded in theory; the Sloan book is based on helping people recognize what their own personal “color style” is, and on ways to translate that into color choices for quilts.

  4. Good to know. I will take a look at the Pat Sloan book sometime. I doubt they have it at the library, though. The art/craft/creativity books I want lately they don’t seem to have.

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