Fall Journal Cover

I am on the last section of my current journal and know I will be needing a new journal soon. I have gotten used to using journal covers and thought it was time to make a new one. I have been using the Innocent Crush cover since I made it. Even though I have made others, none of them have felt the way the Innocent Crush journal cover feels.

Finished Fall Journal
Finished Fall Journal

Still, I enjoy using journal covers and I want to perfect the process, so I made a new one.

I am pleased with the fabrics I used – all scraps and bits from other projects, though the letters and numbers were a perk from Bear Patch Quilting in Minnesota.

I am glad I was able to use the Belle Fleur fabric, but I am a little annoyed that the piecing all ended up the back. I might switch the cover around so that the piecing is on the front even though that will mean that the letters are upside down. I might not care, but we will see.

Yes, I knew while I was working on this that I should be working on the Stars for San Bruno #3 quilt. I haven’t been in a really great mood, so I haven’t wanted to work on it, since I don’t want to infuse it with bad energy. I may have to eat more chocolate.

Finished Journal
Finished Journal

I decided to photograph this end up from above so you could all see the front and back.

I have heard mention of ‘lifestyle’ photographs that seem to be popular on blogs right now. I don’t have a photograph studio, so this was the best option I could think of at the time.

Bear Patch Quilting gave out small pieces of fabric (about 10″x10″), which is where I got the letters and numbers and fabrics. Apparently, they give them out to everyone who purchases something in the store. I think they were called Bear Paws. I was allowed to choose the fabric I wanted from a box they kept under the counter. I asked what kind of fabrics they used and the owner said that they cut from current fabrics.

Using Wonder Clips
Using Wonder Clips

One thing that worked out really well was the Wonder Clips. Again, I bought these in Minnesota. I had been wanting to try them for binding. I was tempted to buy the large size package, but decided to try the small one first. Good thing, because they worked fine for binding but not for my process. I already poke myself plenty with the needle and the clips stuck out too much for comfortable stitching.

I had a brain wave, however to use them to sew the journal cover together and that worked great! Using straight pins works ok, but it hard to insert them into the fabric when the cover is on the journal, but not sewn. I need to have the cover around the journal so that I get the fit right. The clips worked really well, because they didn’t interfere with the journal. I loved them for this purpose!

There is a link to the journal cover directions from the tutorials page on the toolbar (just under the AQ banner) above. You will see the submenus if you put your mouse over AQ Info. I welcome your suggestions on making this tutorial better.



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2 thoughts on “Fall Journal Cover”

  1. I would have the same problem with the cool stripes on the back, but if you flip it around the letters/numbers are upside down. If it was me, I think the upside down bit would bother me too much, so maybe always set it with the back side up and when you carry it around have the back side facing out, that way people get to admire that part more. Or else embellish or paint the front or applique another piece of fabric to the front. Whatever you end up doing, it is a gorgeous cover and I’m jealous! Something like this would make a great BAMQG meeting door prize or blog giveaway, hint, hint. πŸ™‚ Great job, I’m going to add this to my list of projects I want to do.

    1. I am going to teach you to make them and then you can make the door prizes! I’ll keep it in mind! πŸ˜‰

      I think that there are a lot of opportunities for using the journal covers as a canvas, especially if you don’t beat on them like I do – flinging them in different bags, dropping them, stuffing things in them.

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