26 Projects – August Update

I said, last time, that I am sick of this list, that it felt a bit tyrannical to me. I decided that I would ignore the list for awhile and see what happened.

What has happened so far is I am designing a whole cloth quilt. I have a rotator cuff injury that may have been exacerbated by my manic quilting marathon. I started the actual quilting, am am excited about the design, but have to take frequent breaks.

I also woke up one morning thinking it was time to work on the spiderweb again. I was pleased to find that I had already designed the border blocks, which means I am farther ahead than I thought. I haven’t actually done it, but am still thinking about it, especially thinking about getting some Carol Doak paper.

The other thing that happened is that TFQ got into Big Sister Bossy Mode (BSBM) and gave me a talking to about this list. She really thinks I need to get rid of the class projects. I will think about that.

  1. Original Bullseye: needs border, backing, quilting and binding, which are all hard to do if you can’t find the project. It is lost. I know it is in there somewhere. As I mentioned, I did a test and found that my original idea didn’t work. I think a plain border will set off the blocks fine IF I ever find the top. Bleah!
  2. A-B-C (A-Z) BAMQG Challenge – I am actually not sure if this should be considered a WIP (Please say no!), because I just barely have enough blocks with which to make something. I am making good progress. W and X blocks are done and Y and Z blocks are next on the list- due in October. I tried about a bunch of different options for the sashing, because the blocks need to be a uniform size.
  3. Aqua-Red Sampler – steady progress has stopped and the class more than the quilt is really weighing on my mind. As far as I know Frances has finished her Dresden Plate, so perhaps we will start up again soon. The next class was going to be fusible machine applique’, but I haven’t gotten past cutting out the templates. Perhaps I should skip to machine piecing curves? TFQ also does not think this is a project. She considers this to be a teaching sample.
  4. The Tarts Come to Tea: I haven’t quilted on this since April 2011. I need to work on the quilting. I was making good progress and then got sidetracked. I have been quilting another quilt and that is getting me back in the swing of quilting. I thought that now that my machine is happier it might a good time to take this piece out again, but then I got sidetracked with the whole cloth piece again. I would like to finish it.
  5. Garden: I started this piece in a class with Pamela Allen in 2006. As mentioned, I used this piece for my beading demo for the 2012 EBHQ Voices in Cloth show (March 17), which means that I added some beads. I finished machine quilting this piece, removed some of the beads and have started to put beads back on to it. YAY! Handwork!
  6. Flower Garden: I still find the ‘flowers’ too spiky. I think I need to soften them up a bit. I was thinking of putting larger petals over the spikes to soften them.
  7. Pointillist Palette #4: Fourth is a series of 6 quilts; needs tiny square patches sewn together. Bits of this quilt keep falling off the shelf on which I have them stored. While I was machine quilting the Garden quilt, I kept finding bits of piecing stuck to various parts of my clothing. This is a good leaders and enders project and perhaps the patches jumping off the shelf was an omen.
  8. See: needs satin stitching.
  9. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. I like the piece, but don’t know where to go from where I am. Mouth? Hair?
  10. Spiderweb: I woke up one morning thinking I would work on this project. I found that I had already designed the border blocks! Yay! I want to sort through the blocks and make sure I have  just enough to make a quilt for my bed. That means I will have extras. I could make a quilt that would cover my house with the number of blocks I have already made. Progress. Hooray!
  11. Under the Sea: class project; like the design, but not the colors much.
  12. Flower Sugar Hexagon: sewed more hexagons together. Sewing Y seams is a bit of a chore, so I get tired of doing it after awhile.
  13. Young Man’s t-shirt quilt: have cut up the t-shirts and am still in the process of applying fusible. He cleaned out his drawers and found some more t-shirts to add to the quilt. Oh Yay! <– just a bit of sarcasm
  14. New: Super Secret Project: top, back and binding made. Ready to go to the quilter. Stayed tuned. ;-)
  15. FOTY 2011: at the quilter, needs binding.
  16. Flowering Snowball: Top and back finished 5/13/2012; ready to go to the quilter
  17. Stepping Stones: at the quilter, made binding, which she will sew on for me and then I need to hand sew.
  18. Jelly Roll Race: Quilted. Binding being applied, needs sleeve.
  19. New: Wonky 9 Patch: needs quilting and binding.
  20. Corner Store:  Top and back are made. It is ready to go to the quilter.
  21. Super Secret Project #2: Top and back are made. It is ready to go to the quilter.
  22. Infinity blocks: blocks sewn together into a quilt top, borders on. Back and binding made; ready to go to quilter.

Finished or Abandoned projects that were on the list:

  1. Stars for San Bruno #2: Finished! YAY!
  2. Pavers. Finished! YAY!
  3. Kissy Fish: Finished! Yay!
  4. Pineapple: Abandoned; will remake blocks at a later time with more care.
  5. Stars for San Bruno #3: Finished! YAY!
  6. Food Quilt: Finished 5/24/2012. YAY!!!!
  7. Moon and Stars: Abandoned. This quilt was barely a quilt and was not interesting. I realized I didn’t want to devote time to it. So, I finally just decided to give up and get it off the list. Perhaps Pam can use it as a cat mat?

Hunting and Gathering

  1. Spin Wheel: really not started, but supplies gathered. Cutting fabrics as I go. TFQ does not consider this a UFO, which is why I have moved it to the Hunting and Gathering section. She says, and I have to agree, that quilts are not ‘projects’ until the sewing starts. OK. I’ll go with that.

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4 thoughts on “26 Projects – August Update”

  1. The good thing about cats is that they don’t really care about fabric all that much. I am happy to make it into a cat nap mat for Good Mews if you want to get it off your plate!

    And I also find those FQ sized nap mats are a great size for practicing new FMQ patterns.


  2. I agree with your sister – the class projects that you aren’t really happy with should be chalked up to a learning experience – Pam’s solution is perfect – give them away and move on.

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