Finished: Whole Cloth Quilt!

Whole Cloth Quilt: front
Whole Cloth Quilt: front

No other name really occurred to me as I was working on this quilt. It is kind of sad, because most of my other quilts have much better names. Still, it is better than “The No Name Quilt” and it is descriptive.

I finished the binding in time to show the quilt at BAMQG. I was excited to see the other pieces in the challenge. I wasn’t the only one who used a colored background, but mine was the only red and aqua quilt. It received a good response.

I will put a sleeve on this quilt, but I want to have the back photographed before I do that, thus it is not in the back photo I am showing today and I don’t know when/if I will show a picture of the sleeve.

Whole Cloth Quilt: back
Whole Cloth Quilt: back

I have to say that the binding went on to this quilt really fast.

Did I tell you? I’d like to use this design again for another rendition of this quilt. I wouldn’t do it as a whole cloth quilt again, but perhaps fusible applique’.

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11 thoughts on “Finished: Whole Cloth Quilt!”

  1. until the last picture, I didn’t see any aqua and was wondering about your description. I think it is a lovely quilt. Love the still life design.

  2. I love it, and I agree that it would make a charming appliqué. And I’d name it “Posey Milkshake” because the vase reminds me of a milkshake glass. Just being weird today! Sorry!

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