Star Sampler: 4 More 8″ Stars

Week of April 1 Blocks
Week of April 1 Blocks

These are the blocks for this week. Or so I thought. TFQ took the time to go through our list and found, though not her intention,  that I wasn’t ahead as I had thought. She found that I actually finished blocks for the end of the last week not the beginning of this week. I have to say I felt disheartened. I wanted to work on another project, which was why I got busy with these so early in the weekend. So much for clearing the decks.

We have a deadline of getting the 8″ blocks done by the beginning of May and I want to stick to that schedule. Her efforts, fortunately, got us back on our real schedule, rather than the schedule in my head, which is good.

Still I didn’t want to work on any Sawtooth Stars at the moment, even the new patterns. I just left these on the design wall and pretended I wasn’t behind again. This is an interesting exercise in working on one project almost exclusively. It is difficult for me to dedicate so much time to one project, I am finding. This makes me think more about my process. More on that later, I think.

Above are: Chevron Star (actually from the week before as I made the wrong block previously) (upper left) Basic Star (upper right) Home Treasure (lower left) and Stars & Pinwheels (lower right). All of these can be found in one of the Around the Block books.

I am using some of the 12″ blocks as inspiration for the fabric combinations.

Yesterday, I decided to do some cutting and cut out the new blocks. Life goes on.

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4 thoughts on “Star Sampler: 4 More 8″ Stars”

  1. Every time I see these blocks I just LOVE the colors you’re using! And I would have NEVER actually picked those colors as beings ones I would like. They are just so clean and fresh and crisp looking!

    1. I was musing yesterday that there seem to be so few bright quilts out there. There is a lot of burgundy and hunter green, cream, beige and there is nothing wrong with those colors. where are the quilts made of orange and hot pink and emerald?

  2. Jaye,
    I love keeping up with your projects and look forward to your frequent posts. Another great quilting blog that I don’t see on your blog roll is She posts every day with great pictures. She is a true color artist and very inspiring.

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