Swoon Journal Cover


Swoon Journal Cover
Swoon Journal Cover

I have been cutting a lot lately. I finished cutting out the bag that will be part of Purse Palooza blog hop. I am cutting out another Petrillo Bag and I cut a bunch of pieces I will talk about tomorrow. Regardless, I needed some finishes – or at least a finish.

This piece had been hanging around just needing a bit more work to get it finished. I really only spent an additional half hour on it to make it ready to use.

Ever since I had the idea to use the trimmings from quilts to make journal covers, I have been making different journal covers. At first, I was just sewing the pieces into the right sizes. Now I am trying to make the covers more interesting. I found that I didn’t like looking at them and that is not a good thing.

Swoon Journal Cover inside
Swoon Journal Cover inside

The trimmings are long and thin so by just sewing trimmings together I was ending up with a lot of horizontal design elements. I wasn’t liking those, so on later journal covers I cross cut the pieces and re-sewed them. You can see the sort of checkerboard I have going. Yes, it is more work, but it is also more interesting.

I am still fumbling with the lining. The batting is too fluffy even though it works on some journals (think that has to do with lucky placement) I think I need to try flannel next, but that requires buying some flannel just to put in the center of the journals and I haven’t wanted to spend the money. Part of my idea is using supplies on hand for these covers. I might also try no filling again and see if I still think it needs improvement.

I still have some bits for other journal covers on my sewing table. I’d like to get them off the table, which means I need to make more journal covers.

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  1. Hmmmm, I like the idea of flannel. I have a bunch of pieces left over from making receiving blankets; I will have to try that when I get back to making covers for all my old journals.

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