Russian Rubix – 6 More Blocks

Russian Rubix -Early June 2014
Russian Rubix -Early June 2014

As I mentioned, I was avoiding the Petrillo bag on Saturday and ended up working on this project.

One of the annoying things about this project is that it takes 36 seams to make a block. This means that I sew and sew and sew before I make any progress.

On the good side I sew and sew and sew and then, all of a sudden, I have 6 blocks done. It is nice to see the blocks once they are done.

I have been trying to work through each color and then attach it to a different color to avoid duplication when making the 2-octagon subunits. It doesn’t always work and will look better once I have all the blocks done. The problem is that, in a picture like the one above, it looks like I have used the same fabrics in all the blocks.

To a certain extent I have and it bugs me, but then I remember that I am not going to, necessarily, put the blocks above next to each other in the quilt.

I also get bored with the same fabrics, so I try and move through the stack of colors so I have more from which to choose. As a result, I have some quarter block units to put together still and octagons waiting to be paired with other octagons.

The progress continues, though I only have 10 blocks at the moment. I will keep sewing and make more.

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