Star Donation Quilt

Star Donation Quilt
Star Donation Quilt

We got an email just before school let out saying that one of the Band moms had breast cancer and she was being treated quite aggressively.

We got an update at Band Camp and I decided to ask for one of the quilts made by the BAMQG Charity Project. Michelle and I met on Friday and she gave me this quilt for the Band Mom.

I can’t decide if it is a star or some kind of ring quilt. I forget the name of the design. It is very scrappy and cheerful and I think will make the Band Mom feel better.

Star Donation Quilt Back
Star Donation Quilt Back

I sewed a small label on to the back for historic purposes.

I just have to wrap the quilt and will give it to the band director soon.

Wrap it Up
Wrap it Up

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11 thoughts on “Star Donation Quilt”

  1. What a lovely gesture. It is sad that such news has to be communicated but it is nice that you know so others can reach out to her. I hope she is responding well to treatment.

    1. Thanks. I don’t know how she is doing as I didn’t want to ask. I gave the quilt to her husband who was very grateful. I put a note along with it telling her the women and men (yes, we have 2!) of the guild were behind her and thinking of her.

  2. It is such a nice thing to give her for sure! It’s a very nice looking quilt! And I love the little label you’ve put on the back. Along with the backing fabric which is adorable! Hope she gets well soon!

    1. Thanks. I thought the guild should mark their donations. Hopefully they will get the labels printed at Spoonflower, but until then I will add them to the quilts for which I make backs.

  3. Jaye, thank you for handling this donation. I hope it brings her a bit of comfort in such a terrible time.

    Generally, we haven’t been labeling donation quilts because the NICU (which has received a majority of our quilts) requests they not be labeled. Not sure why, but that’s their request. I did have labels for the quilts donated to Siblings Together in the UK.

    I think various charities have different label/no label requirements, so we tend to err on the side of not. That said, although we don’t track specific quilts, we have been tracking how many quilts go to the charities receiving quilts.

    1. Nora’s husband was very grateful. I encouraged him to encourage her to use it and not keep it for ‘good’. Thanks for the info about labeling. It is kind of a shame, for historical purposes that they don’t get labeled, but if that is the rule, then that is the rule.

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