BAMQG Opportunity Block

I thought about posting this under “Doing Good”, but while I think I am doing good for the guild, it isn’t really service to the community. At least I don’t think it is. Hhmm. Philosophy so early in the morning. I am sure you appreciate that.

I wasn’t at the August meeting to get my block kit. Since I definitely wanted to contribute to the support of the guild, I asked for a block kit and Ruth was kind enough to send me one. Sadly she didn’t have any turquoise kits left so I ended up with mauve-y colors. That’s what I get for not being at the meeting.

I left the fabric laying around near me for a week or so. I kept meaning to do it before I went back to work, but didn’t so the weekend before the meeting, I decided it was time. I decided to make a test block for my Tale of Two Cities quilt using the Opportunity block as the tester.

Tester is the wrong word. I knew I could make the next blocks. It was more of kick in the rear end to get me back in ToTCi gear. Just what I needed.

The idea, as I understand it, is everyone makes what ever blocks they want in a 6.5″ size, heavy on the squares and rectangles, and then sews them together into a 12.5″ block. Ruth has a plan and will put them together.

BAMQG Opportunity Block
BAMQG Opportunity Block

She must be a master, because I had just enough fabric. The photo (left) shows how much fabric I had left. I should have put a quarter in with the shards so you could see how little was left.

I didn’t make a bunch of different blocks and put them together; I just made one and repeated it. Repeating the structure not the fabric, because I didn’t have enough to make all of the blocks the same.

BAMQG Opportunity Block
BAMQG Opportunity Block

This one block design makes up four blocks into a new combination. The block looks different made up from four blocks

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