Church Ladies Apron

Church Ladies Apron
Church Ladies Apron

I finally finished one of the aprons I started 1,000 years ago. I needed a translator to help me and TFQ signed up for the job. Of course, I felt stupid when TFQ read the directions and explained what I needed to do, because it seemed so simple. I found it easier to hear from someone else what to do. It really makes me wish I had learned more garment sewing when I was younger. I am sure she didn’t roll her eyes at my lack of understanding.


The first apron is finished. I am happy. I wasn’t really very far away from putting it together and it didn’t take very long to sew it together. TFQ really helped, not only with the reading, but also with the pressing.

Finished is relative, however. I was sinking threads the other night and found a raw edge on the neck piece, where it slides into the body of the apron. I haven’t decided if I will take that part off and resew it or just use a bit of Fray Check.

I haven’t decided it I like this apron. I think I am still a little angry at the pattern for being written the way it was. I still have one more to finish (so I have a choice, you know). Soon I should be wearing the apron to keep grease and other food yuck off my clothes.

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10 thoughts on “Church Ladies Apron”

    1. Yes, the hole is big enough for my head. TFQ said she wouldn’t have done it that way, but I was too far along to change at the time she started helping me.

  1. Who knew that aprons would be “in” again and we’d all be making them. I hate fussy when making anything other than a quilt and certainly want to give up on patterns that are hard to figure out. Looks great!

    1. I have sympathy for the complexity of marketing patterns, writing directions, etc. I also know that I am really bad at reading directions and following them. That is just not how I learn and I have to work very hard at it. Adding to this is my lack of garment making experience. I really think it is important to have a lot of pattern testers and have the directions on a separate sheet of paper, so the maker can make notes.

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