Dropping Out of the Russian Rubix

Russian Rubix top in process
Russian Rubix top in process

Lots of stuff is about process with me lately. That includes the Russian Rubix. I worked on it, finally, over the weekend and came up with, what I think, is a good idea: Dropping out.

By dropping out, I mean that I replaced some of the quarter squares with blank pieces of the background fabric and allowed the pieces to float. There wasn’t much else I could do with this very distinctive pattern and it seemed like the best solution after not really liking the idea I floated last time.

Dropping out chart
Dropping out chart

I made a chart of where the blank areas were when I took the last photos. I have moved things around a bit again, though.



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4 thoughts on “Dropping Out of the Russian Rubix”

  1. I *like* this. A lot. Gives it a very interesting look.

    My eyes want to see the circle pattern, and the dropped out pieces mean my brain has to work harder.


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