Finished: Food Quilt #2

After a break to rest my arm, I needed to get busy with the last side of the Food Quilt #2. The YM’s friend headed off to college on Saturday and I wanted to make sure he took it with him. He won’t need it for a few months, but I’d rather he had it at school than sitting around my house.

Food Quilt #2: Finished
Food Quilt #2: Finished

I brought the quilt over Friday night and the family held it up for me. They are not experienced quilt holders, but I am pleased I was able to get a photo. It is a large piece, but I tested it on the very tall recipient and it fits him fine.

I always think striped binding looks good, so I was pleased to see that it actually does look good on this piece. I always buy stripes for binding. Now I’ll have to remember to use it more often.

Food Quilt #2 Back
Food Quilt #2 Back

I have appliqued the recipient’s name on the back to prevent theft.

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  1. Fabulous Jaye! The lucky recipient will love and use this for ever. It’s so bright and cheerful and sort of funny too! Love it.

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