More Christmas Pillowcases

Sean's Pillowcase
Sean’s Pillowcase

I made more progress on Christmas pillowcases last week. It works very well for me if I cut the length I need from the Christmas fabric, then find some cuff fabric, pin everything and stack a bunch up, then sew on the weekends.

That is what I did with the Hallowe’en pillowcases and these two Christmas pillowcases.

These are fun. I love the California (could be Aussie/NZ as well, I guess) Christmas theme. That camper is super fun as well.

I bought enough to make two pillowcases and decided to give on to the YM and the other to the cousin who always hung out with him. A little matchy, matchy, I know, but too bad. They can make their own pillowcases if they don’t like it. 😉

YM's Christmas Pillowcase
YM’s Christmas Pillowcase

Yes, I used some Pearl Bracelets for the YM’s case. If I had had some Kona Ash, that would have worked, but I didn’t, so Pearl Bracelets it was.

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