Mystery Donation Top

I came across the mystery quilt I made at the BAMQG retreat a few years ago. When I found it it was in pieces. I decided I would put it together and give it to the Charity Girls. I sewed 2 seams max, put it in my bag for the meeting and handed it in. I love the fabrics, but they didn’t work out very well and I was glad not to have another UFO to clutter up my mind.

BAMQG Mystery Quilt
BAMQG Mystery Quilt


This mystery quilt was not successful for me. That statement has to do with me not with the designer of the mystery quilt or the organizer of the BAMQG mystery quilt project. It has to do with the fabrics that I chose. I wanted bold fabrics. I chose bold fabrics, made bold choices. They didn’t work. I’ll try again

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Donation Top”

  1. I love the fabrics in this quilt, too! Sorry that it didn’t work out for you as a whole.

    I’ve never done a mystery quilt. Might be a good challenge for me one day.


    1. I think it is good to look at the general mystery quilts the person has designed in the past. For example, if you like the general style of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts, you may like her next one. I liked Scrapitude and Scrap in a Box was OK, which makes me think I might like the newest one. I have so many other projects that I haven’t committed yet.

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