New Donation Top

This quilt top has a connection to two other quilts. One is the Carpenter’s Wheel. The other quilt to which this top has a connection is the Ends Donation Quilt.

Ends #2 Donation Top
Ends #2 Donation Top

This top is second in a series (yes, I see more in my future) of quilts made from the leftovers of quilts after they have been quilted. I made this top from the leftovers of the back after Colleen trimmed it.

The back of the Carpenter’s Wheel was pretty big so there was quite a bit leftover. This top is about 48×48. I am in the process of making the back and sewing leftover pieces of batting together. While I am very much into fabric buying, using every little bit really makes me happy.

Tim said that he would quilt it when I am done making the back. I love his quilting, so this is an awesome development.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.