Face Mask Pseudo Success

DH Plaid mask
DH Plaid mask

I finally had some success with face masks over the weekend. This has been an ongoing problem for me. Not because we don’t have masks, but because I feel bad that I haven’t been successful.

I think I needed to find the right pattern. This one seems like it might work for me.

Mask Testing
Mask Testing

The pattern I used is a video pattern and was recommended by a quilting friend. She has the same glasses problem that we have. While I still have some things I want to adjust, this is the most successful I have been with masks so far.

One thing I need to play with is the edges where the elastic attaches. I am not convinced the raw edges are sufficiently closed. I played around with different ways of dealing with them and still have not found the best method.

The one above with the purple plaid on the top has a nose piece in it. I was annoying DH with trying on masks (they are for him after all) and he wanted to play around with the nose piece before he pronounced judgment.

Thanks to Friend Julie for the nose pieces.

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2 thoughts on “Face Mask Pseudo Success”

  1. That’s a different sort of mask pattern than I’ve seen, does it help with the glasses fogging up at all? I think that’s the thing that drives me the craziest wearing these. Glad to hear that the nose pieces worked out, let me know if you want more.

    1. I am waiting for Paul to tell me about the glasses fogging problem. Yes, that drives me crazy as well. I have to make one for myself to test the glasses fogging problem. The edges are a problem for me with this pattern. They are raw and I am not sure the ends seal them. Still testing.

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